Application Process

  • Well thought out and written descriptions, in English, of the items below.  One liner/sentence descriptions, or incoherent descriptions will result in immediate rejection of the application.  Please make sure to put clear thought in your writing and run it by colleague(s) and/or mentor(s) beforehand.

  • A short video showing how to register and fill out an application can be found here.

  • Submit an online application and provide:

    • A clear description of the problem that your idea addresses.

    • A clear description of the proposed solution

    • A short description of your project that can be shared publicly

    • A description of the team members and their skills

    • A high-level project plan, including milestones

    • A description of achievements to date

    • A budget plan showing how you will use your Explorer funds

  • Decisions will be sent by email and will include:

    • Feedback from reviewers.

    • The awarded funding amount if the Explorer Funding Board decided to award you under 50.000 MAD.

    • An invitation to present virtually to the Explorer Funding Board, along with the max amount that you are allowed to request.

    • In some cases you might be asked to have a virtual interview prior to making a decision

  • Funding Board (over 50.000 MAD applications only):

    • If you are invited to present to the Funding Board you will need to virtually present your pitch deck

    • Presentations are virtual and are 5 minutes long with 15 minutes of questions

    • Decisions will be sent out with feedback and the funding amount awarded if any.

For News Teams

There are 2 application routes :

  • Under 50K 
  • Over 50K