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Role of Mentors

Mentors serve as resources for Explorer participants by:

• Offering feedback on proposals and funding level recommendations to the executive director

• Providing mentorship to individuals and to teams and helping them set direction and goals

Mentors commit to 1 year at a time (2 cohorts), with roughly 4-8 hours of effort per month.

Explorer seeks to engage the expertise of local industrial and high-tech communities, global experts, and the UM6P community. Contact us, if you are interested in becoming a mentor.  

For additional information on the structure of the program and the mentor role please click here.


Many mentors are also investors and, as a result, may wish to invest in one of the Explorer teams.  For this reason, Explorer mentors and team members will be provided with a policy regarding conflict of interest that may arise due to the interaction of Contributors (or representatives, investors, members, or affiliates of Contributors) with UM6P and UM6P students through the Program. The policy provides, among other things, the process below in case a Contributor Party wishes to engage in discussions with an Explorer team about the possibility of investing in his or her entrepreneurial idea prior to that student existing from the Explorer program.

• The Contributor must disclose to Explorer the interest in engaging in investment discussions with the student or team.

• If the student/team does not already have an independent venture mentor through the Program, the Explorer program will appoint one for the team.

• If the student/team and the Contributor Party close on an investment, the Explorer program will decide, based on a review of the facts and circumstances, whether or not the Contributor may remain active in the the Explorer program.

• If the Explorer program decides that the Contributor may remain active in the Program, the Contributor must thereafter recuse itself from any Program discussion or decision, including any Funding Board discussion, pertaining to that student/team in question.

• The Explorer program will determine who is included as a Contributor Party with a Contributor.